Lights of Tomorrow

Lights of Tomorrow (LOT) is a non-profit organization and our mission is to empower youth ages 11-24 years old to succeed in life by providing them with the tools, skills, and knowledge to successfully transition from middle, high school, and on to college.

Our goal is to reverse the negative trends and reduce the statistics for youth, in areas such as, high school dropouts, sexual transmitted diseases, drug use and abuse, violence and incarceration. To help address these issues, we built partnerships with a pool of professionals with expertise in the following categories: Education, Health Care, and Law Enforcement. As a result of those partnerships, workshops were developed that cover how to prepare and enroll in college, life skills, sex education, and knowing your legal rights, which are attended by program participants.

After completion of the various workshops each program participant will perform community service within their chosen category and present the information to the public at a PTA, School Board, or Town Hall meeting held in their community. This aspect of our program helps to develop confidence and leadership abilities.